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Monday, March 26, 2018

JotCast Unveils New Features

Hi everyone!

We know it’s been a while since we’ve posted, but don’t mistake our lack of noise for a lack of work. We’ve been working hard on creating some new features that we're excited to announce.

The first feature we've added is themes. Themes give you the ability to customize the chat using your choice of colors and fonts. We've also added support for in-chat advertisements, with a few different options on how to configure and display them. Finally, we've added the option to brand your chats with an icon from your website or organization.

These improvements should give your chats a better experience overall. With the ability to customize how it looks, your chat can be consistent with the style of your website. Or you can create an entirely different aesthetic -- it’s up to you! Advertisements provide you with the possibility of having sponsored chats and more directly monetizing your user base. Embedding your brand’s logo in the chat window allows participants to easily go from JotCast back to your website.

To try out these new aspects, check out our support guide to help get you started.

Many of these features were created in response to feedback we’ve gotten from you, our users. We truly value what our users have to say, and when they say they want features, we make them! Let us know if there’s any other features or improvements you’d like to see on JotCast. You never know… it might just end up in our next release.