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Monday, November 1, 2021

Smile -- JotCast Now Has Emojis

 A picture is worth a thousand words, and emojis are fun!

Here at JotCast,  we believe communication should be as clear and easy as possible. Sometimes, though, things can’t be expressed only in words. That’s why we're happy to announce that in addition to photos, videos, and music, you can now add emojis into your chats. In other (lack of) words:


Besides easy and clear, communication is best when it’s dynamic. Emojis allow for all of this and can add personality to a wall of text. When there’s a complete absence of vocal intonation, emojis can convey the intent that might otherwise be misconstrued or missed completely. Sarcasm, emphasis, and humor can now be displayed with flair.

You can insert the icons you need -- on both mobile and desktop -- by clicking on the smiley face in the text area. Now, you can give chats the same friendly, comfortable tone of a text message between friends, but without sacrificing control. Your events become more personable, which makes them more memorable.

Moderators, it’s also worth knowing that you can feature emojis of your choice so that they will be shown above the text box of chat participants. This can encourage your audience to express themselves in a way that you feel best fits your event. Of course, these pictorial emotions and objects are not beloved by everyone, so featuring them is optional.

Whether you choose to incorporate the featured emoticons or not, we’re happy to offer the choice. Have fun with this new feature, and let us know how it’s impacted your chats in the comments.