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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

JotCast is now more interactive than ever before

Two new features will allow both moderators and participants to interact with each other in exciting ways.

Hi JotCasters,

Here’s a quick question for you to answer:

JotCast now has….

A: The ability for moderators to create quizzes

B: The ability for users to send each other private messages

C: All of the above

D: None of the above

We’re proud to say that C is the correct answer. Private messaging between users and a quiz function are both now live on our website.

Moderators can create quizzes under the Polls tab in the moderator panel. The moderator can decide if a question has a single correct answer or multiple right responses, and they can also choose to have the quiz go live in the chat all at once or to publish each quiz question individually to keep users engaged throughout the event. As users begin to answer, moderators will be able to see statistics for each quiz question showing the total number of people who responded, the total number of people who responded correctly, and the percentage of correct responses. 

When new quiz questions are published, your users will be notified via the quiz blinking to alert them. Moreover, users who stop mid-quiz will be able to automatically continue where they left off. As always, quizzes are optional and users do not have to participate. To that end, the quiz window can be minimized so that it occupies a very small portion of the screen.

In other news, users also have the option to private message each other now. If someone says something in the chat that you find interesting and want to respond to, there’s no need to wait and hope the moderator publishes your reply. Instead, you can message that reader directly. Moderators can enable this setting when creating a new chat.  As always, moderators can disable this new ability if they’re not interested in it.

That’s all for now.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!


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